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Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman is the Chair of the Supervisory Board of PPV AG.


He is a 25-year veteran of the software industry, and has worked in multiple countries and in multiple industries, leading teams large and small through both scale-up and scale-down. Eric has a passion for management, leadership, and strategy.


Eric studied physics at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he defended a thesis on theoretical quantum mechanics.


Later he moved into software, where we was part of the core team that built The Sims computer game, one of the best selling computer games of all time. He then joined a startup that led to a key role on the launch team for Three’s global 3G rollout. After that, he cofounded a messaging startup, led the software architecture of gilt.com, and was Zalando’s first VP Engineering, leading the engineering team through IPO, culture change, and massive scale.


Eric is Senior Vice President for Engineering and member of the Executive Management Board at TomTom BV.

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