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M&A Consulting, Post-Merger Integration, Transformation and Change Management

PPV stands for successful integration and transformation.


When companies encounter the unique circumstances created by structural changes in business, be it caused by the take-over or merge with other company or by strategic decisions at the company itself, they will usually come face to face with a completely new set of challenges.


An overriding majority of M&A ventures are destined to fail. The risks are manifold and severe, ranging from a poor selection of the target or first approach to the ineffective handling of the actual process. Only by considering and covering all critical aspects can a corporate merger become the success it ought to be.


More than half of all post-merger integrations do not produce the added value that they were expected to yield. A delayed or poorly handled post-merger integration process again poses many severe risks. Only by recognizing and working with all critical aspects can the PMI process yield the success it ought to create.


A lack of experience with such circumstances and their many facets and perspectives often lead to tactical or operational mistakes.


Tried and tested concepts from many successful M&A projects, PMI processes, transformation and change ventures offer invaluable support – and, if requested, guidance – for the critical meta-processes. Post-merger integration needs to start already when closing the merger.  Essential factors for a successful process lie in the professional linking and handling of internal and external communication, the right project setup, stringent and focused management of interventions, and the early definition of quantifiable targets for tracking progress. Our approach is supported by our in-depth awareness and involvement with out markets, powered by our on-going executive search activities. Our experienced colleagues know the emotional, cultural, tactical, and operational pitfalls of such change ventures in all their many facets.

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