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HR Consulting

Sustainable commercial success is the product of effective business processes, linked intelligently. Global competition gives the human factor unparalleled importance. Modern HR management relies on the systematic recruitment, selection, and development of employees and executives. PPV AG is dedicated to this recipe for success and can support you in all relevant projects in the area.



PPV stands for an excellent network of practices. more... PPV stands for an integrated vision of modern HR management. more... PPV stands for an understanding of the factors for success. more...



Our Portfolio:


Executive Search

PPV stands for an excellent network of practices:


We find specialists and executives by working closely with our clients. We believe in exclusivity and trust in every single search commission as the foundations for our consulting concept and process. The practices of PPV AG represent a global network of top managers and specialists. With our business expertise, we maintain dedicated high-class talent pools in all of our business lines.



Organizational Development

PPV stands for an integrated vision of modern HR management:


Good HR management is one step ahead of innovation and change. This means changing corporate culture. A sense of initiative and responsibility are important engines of motivations and the sources of commercial success, especially in large-scale organizations. Our consultants can guide these processes to shape a new system of values at our clients.



Management Diagnostics

PPV stands for an understanding of the factors for success:


Finding the right executives is also a matter of system. Our experts can support processes from individual assessment centres up to large-scale management audits. We benchmark the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ people and structures against the yardstick of their competitors. With structured interviews and bespoke case studies, we can give our clients meaningful and precise feedback with specific recommendations for action.

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