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Shenyang is located on the river Hun in China’s northeast. The city is the commercial and cultural centre of Liaoning province and set to join seven other cities to form a new metropolitan region.

The fast-growing city is already home to seven million people and proudly calls itself the “city of vitality”. Many of the reasons for this claim can be found in the diverse and versatile economy of the city, which has its origins in the time of the Japanese occupation. Its mainstays are the high-tech industry, automotive and mechanical engineering, and the chemical industry, producing important precursor products from the rich coal and ore deposits mined in the region. The city’s vehicle manufacturers and mechanical engineers produce rolling stock, tractors, cars, military planes, rockets, turbines, machine tools, cranes, bridges, and seaport installations. The local economy is also home to many food producers, and two large-scale exposition grounds host trade shows and fairs. The city’s universities and vocational colleges turn out many highly motivated young locals to power the growing industry, with particular focus on technical sciences, energy, environmental production, business management and finance, but also medicine, art, and music. 

In the city’s north, almost half of the Shenbei New District is made up of parkland and waterways. A government programme has been behind the district’s rise as an innovative, high-powered business hub built on green principles. Around 4000 companies have chosen Shenbei as their new home, including companies working in the photoelectronics, agrotechnology, and service sector as well as in real estate, environmental protection, and automotive supplies. The new district offers a modern infrastructure and an attractive place to live and work.

Local leaders are also dedicated to developing the high-speed transport network in the region. The growing city already possesses a direct high-speed rail route to Beijing, with more routes scheduled to come soon. Shenyang’s three motorways make it a centre for transport in north-eastern China, while intercontinental flights connect the city to destinations in America, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Frankfurt. Within the city limits, a modern underground network is currently being developed.

Shenyang is an attractive target for investments with its diverse economy, modern infrastructure, and supply of qualified labour. It is an living invitation to join China’s markets.