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Many online entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the costs associated with the launch and day-to-day running of web shops.
Any businessman or woman faced with the decision of whether to go online for the sale and distribution of their goods would do well to get a sense for the costs that this decision will entail. The shop systems themselves are, surprisingly, usually not the heftiest item on the bill. 

The retail world has changed at its core since the spread of the World Wide Web. Where quality that could be seen and felt hands-on used to be the dealbreaker, pricing alone has become the prime factor. At the same time, pricing in the virtual world is far removed from the structures of traditional retail – a simple truth too often forgotten by retailers.

But online retail is not rocket science with the right partner at one’s side. E-commerce solutions need a project planner to guarantee a successful execution. What marks out the stars of the e-commerce world is the right synergy of technical knowhow, design skills, and real expertise. 

Selecting the right provider means understanding what one needs and what technology can do. The chosen system should be future-proof in any case. Many recent studies have shown these three factors to be the criteria for most online retailers: e-shop systems must be as flexible as possible to adjust to the changing circumstances of retail. Sellers operating in import-export business in particular face unique requirements for their systems’ specifications. All systems should be functional and readily upgradeable to avoid the cost and effort of transcribing customer data manually whenever the system is changed. 

Open source alternatives often promise to be a cheap way out. However, many of these hide costs that come into effect when, for instance, the original functionalities are to be expanded. It is hardly surprising that many online retailers have already gone through multiple providers.

Many questions need to be answered before going live. Which employees know the technology well enough to take charge of updating the shop on a regular basis? Can the unique costs of a mailorder business be sustained reasonably with the expected earnings?

Selecting an e-commerce solution needs intricate planning and the right system scope. No calculation should forget running costs: content management and editorial work deserve as much attention as the efficient and flawless handling of the buyer’s experience right down to the final transaction.
PPV’s dedicated subsidiary, PPV AG NET CONCEPTS, is the go-to place for all of these concerns. The experts and pure players in the individual business units work closely with the client to achieve transparent cost structures and perfect-fit solutions. Such proactive innovation is a mainstay of any online enterprise.

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