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Good opportunities for mature professionals

By the end of 2012, there were twelve percent more jobs for employees aged 60 or over than only a year before. This seems to be a clear sign of the changes under way in the labour market that were brought about by the raised retirement age. The Federal Employment Agency has released new evidence for these changes. In September last year, almost 1.5 million people aged between 60 and 65 were in employment, with a general increase in the number of jobs of 1.5 percent.

Seen over a five-year period, around 667,000 additional older professionals are now in employment, in a generally buoyant labour market that ha grown by 7.2 percent in the years from 2007 to 2012. Many employers have begun to rethink their job profiles to match the unique skills and circumstances of more mature workers. 

Qualified specialists in particular are very likely to stay in employment into their old age. Traditional trades and manufacturing are not the only sectors that depend on the experience of their veteran personnel; enterprise in general has come to appreciate their value. Naturally, even old hands need to keep learning and developing new skills to stay profitable for their employers.

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