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Dr. Aldenhoff

Prof Dr med. Josef Aldenhoff

Principal Executive Consultant


Prof Dr med. Aldenhoff holds the chair of psychiatry at the University of Kiel. He is the Director of the Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Clinic at the Zentrum für Integrative Psychiatrie gGmbH and Managing Director of ZIP gGmbH. At PPV AG, he contributes his unique experience in the field of organizational development and structural design processes for hospitals.



Foto Wroblewski

Dr Henryk Wroblewski

Principal Executive Consultant


As Principal Executive Consultant, Dr Wroblewski is in charge of PPV’s pharmacovigilance business. He has decades of experience in a series of executive positions in pharmaceutical safety at Bayer, where he was able to contribute his unique combination of expertise as a qualified attorney and anaesthesiologist.


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