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Data Protection


Data Protection Declaration of Consent 


You can revoke the following declaration of consent at any time!


1. We are particularly committed to the safety and protection of the personal data of the recipients of this newsletter. We are committed to complying with the legal data protection requirements, in particular as stipulated by the Federal Data Protection Act and the Act on Data Protection for Telemedia Services.

2. With your registration for this newsletter, personal data will be collected, stored, processed, and used to the extent required for the publication of this newsletter. Personal data is defined as data that contains information about the personal and factual circumstances of a specific or identifiable person. You can register for the newsletter by means of a pseudonym.

3. By agreeing to receive this newsletter, you confirm your consent to our use of your basic data for the purposes of information, advertising, advertising by electronic means, market research, and the adjustment of our services to your needs.

4. You hereby confirm your express consent to receiving this newsletter by email.

5. We advise you that there are inherent data protection risks in all data transmission via electronic means (e.g. communication by email). The complete protection of such data from access by third parties is not possible.


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